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Acryl Nägel Set
Acryl Nägel Set Angebot49,53 € Regulärer Preis74,68 €
Polyacryl-Gel Set
Polyacryl-Gel Set Angebot19,78 € Regulärer Preis29,35 €
Gel Polish Base- and Top 1Gel Polish Base- and Top
Gel Polish Base- and TopInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
Gel Polish Gummy Base Clear 1Gel Polish Gummy Base Clear
Gel Polish Gummy Base ClearInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
HEMA free
Gel Polish Sensitive Base 1Gel Polish Sensitive Base 2
Gel Polish Sensitive BaseInhalt 15 ml Angebot8,88 €
Gel Polish Gummy Base Light-PinkGel Polish Gummy Base Light-Pink
Gel Polish Gummy Base Light-PinkInhalt 15 ml Angebot8,88 €
Gel Polish Gummy Base Cover PinkGel Polish Gummy Base Cover Pink
Gel Polish Gummy Base Cover PinkInhalt 15 ml Angebot8,88 €
Gel Polish Fiber Base Clear 1Gel Polish Fiber Base Clear
Gel Polish Fiber Base ClearInhalt 15 ml Angebot8,88 €
Gel Polish Fiber Base Milky-WhiteGel Polish Fiber Base Milky-White
Gel Polish Fiber Base Milky-WhiteInhalt 15 ml Angebot8,88 €
Gel Polish Gummy Base Cover BeigeGel Polish Gummy Base Cover Beige
Gel Polish Gummy Base Cover BeigeInhalt 15 ml Angebot8,88 €
Gel Polish Peel Off BaseGel Polish Peel Off Base
Gel Polish Peel Off BaseInhalt 15 ml Angebot9,91 €
3070 Gel Polish White 13070 Gel Polish White 2
Gel Polish WhiteInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
4117 Gel Polish Nude California 14117 Gel Polish Nude California 2
Gel Polish Nude CaliforniaInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
HEMA free
5424 Gel Polish Milky-White 15424 Gel Polish Milky-White 2
Gel Polish Milky-WhiteInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
5191-8 Gel Polish Ice Queen 1Gel Polish Ice Queen
Gel Polish Ice QueenInhalt 7 oder 15 ml Angebotab 6,44 €
Polyacryl-Gel Nude-Glitter 50 g
Polyacryl-Gel Nude-Glitter 50 gInhalt 50 g Angebot19,78 €
4118 Gel Polish Nude Arizona 14118 Gel Polish Nude Arizona 2
Gel Polish Nude ArizonaInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
4119 Gel Polish Nude Virginia 14119 Gel Polish Nude Virginia 2
Gel Polish Nude VirginiaInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
5330 Gel Polish Nude Naked 15330 Gel Polish Nude Naked 2
Gel Polish Nude NakedInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
5329 Gel Polish Vintage Brown-Rose 15329 Gel Polish Vintage Brown-Rose 2
Gel Polish Vintage Brown-RoseInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
4112 Gel Polish Seashell Pink 14112 Gel Polish Seashell Pink 2
Gel Polish Seashell PinkInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
4144 Gel Polish Nude Kentucky 14144 Gel Polish Nude Kentucky 2
Gel Polish Nude KentuckyInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
Gel Polish Nude Maryland4145 Gel Polish Nude Maryland 2
Gel Polish Nude MarylandInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
Gel Polish Nude Vermont4146 Gel Polish Nude Vermont 2
Gel Polish Nude VermontInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
5328 Gel Polish Vintage Brown 15328 Gel Polish Vintage Brown 2
Gel Polish Vintage BrownInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
4175 Gel Polish Nude Jersey 14175 Gel Polish Nude Jersey 2
Gel Polish Nude JerseyInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
Gel Polish Nude Indiana4120 Gel Polish Nude Indiana 2
Gel Polish Nude IndianaInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
5199 Gel Polish Cafe Creme 15199 Gel Polish Cafe Creme 2
Gel Polish Cafe CremeInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
4143 Gel Polish Nude Tennessee 14143 Gel Polish Nude Tennessee 2
Gel Polish Nude TennesseeInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
4124 Gel Polish Nude-Nevada 14124 Gel Polish Nude-Nevada 2
Gel Polish Nude-NevadaInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
4028 Gel Polish Topaz 14028 Gel Polish Topaz 2
Gel Polish TopazInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
4165 Gel Polish Toffee 14165 Gel Polish Toffee 2
Gel Polish ToffeeInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
4152 Gel Polish Monrovia 14152 Gel Polish Monrovia 2
Gel Polish MonroviaInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
3074 Gel Polish Lotus 13074 Gel Polish Lotus 2
Gel Polish LotusInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
4151 Gel Polish Cortex 14151 Gel Polish Cortex 2
Gel Polish CortexInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
5344 Gel Polish Shimmering Dove 15344 Gel Polish Shimmering Dove 2
Gel Polish Shimmering DoveInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
4357 Gel Polish Hangover 14357 Gel Polish Hangover 2
Gel Polish HangoverInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
Gel Polish Rose Stone4030 Gel Polish Rose Stone 2
Gel Polish Rose StoneInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
4359 Gel Polish Rosy Brown 14359 Gel Polish Rosy Brown 2
Gel Polish Rosy BrownInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
4121 Gel Polish Nude-Louisiana 14121 Gel Polish Nude-Louisiana 2
Gel Polish Nude-LouisianaInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
5342 Gel Polish Mauve Glow 15342 Gel Polish Mauve Glow 2
Gel Polish Mauve GlowInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
5372 Gel Polish Gummy One-Step 3in1 Gavin 15372 Gel Polish Gummy One-Step 3in1 Gavin 2
Gel Polish Gummy One-Step 3in1 GavinInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
Gel Polish Nude Hawaii4174 Gel Polish Nude Hawaii 2
Gel Polish Nude HawaiiInhalt 7 oder 15 ml Angebotab 6,44 €
5334 Gel Polish Fuchsia Pink 15334 Gel Polish Fuchsia Pink 2
Gel Polish Fuchsia PinkInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
5185 Gel Polish Rose Clair 15185 Gel Polish Rose Clair 2
Gel Polish Rose ClairInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
4122 Gel Polish Nude-Florida 14122 Gel Polish Nude-Florida 2
Gel Polish Nude-FloridaInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
5189 Gel Polish Piggy Pink 15189 Gel Polish Piggy Pink 2
Gel Polish Piggy PinkInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
5343 Gel Polish Sweet Lily 15343 Gel Polish Sweet Lily 2
Gel Polish Sweet LilyInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
4176 Gel Polish Nude Alaska 14176 Gel Polish Nude Alaska 2
Gel Polish Nude AlaskaInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €
5332 Gel Polish Papillon 15332 Gel Polish Papillon 2
Gel Polish PapillonInhalt 15 ml Angebot7,88 €

Integrating the service point picker 

Sendcloud provides a service point picker which can be easily integrated with your system. This will display a map on your checkout page, from which your customers can choose a convenient service point to have their parcel delivered to. You can find out more about the service point picker here

Please note that the service point will be displayed in the language that is set in your account, and not by the language of the web browser. 

Before you begin, make sure you have: 

  1. Obtained your API keys
  2. Enabled Service Points for selected carriers in your Integration settings 

To integrate the service point picker with your custom-built shop: 

  1. Play around with the live example. When selecting a service point, you’ll receive a service point object and a post number, if entered, as a result. You’ll need that data later when creating a new parcel through our parcels API (see Create a parcel in our shipping API reference).
  2. Make sure to fill in the to_service_point and to_post_number parameters when sending the data over.
  3. You can copy the code from the bottom of this page, under the Usage section

To integrate with your back-end code:

  1. You need to call and provide with a config object, a success callback and a failure callback (example)
  2. Once a Service Point is selected, our library will call your callback function with a Service Point Object. This contains the service point address properties and the unique service_point_id
  3. When you Create a parcel via the API, you will need to structure your request so that it includes the service point address information. In the to_service_point parameter, pass the service point ID. 
  4. You can find a guide on creating parcels to ship to service points with the Sendcloud API here

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